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  • Came from very humble family, brought up by single parent, everyday meal was a dream, Did Mechanical Engineering in BMS college of Engineering by doing part time Job, scholarship & with the help of friends.
  • Thinking as frog story(Frog in well) came out from Toyota after having 12 years of experience along with 2 years of Japan experience. Life was almost stagnant, but I never wanted that lazy comfort life, So Joined hands with friend for entrepreneurship to take challenges but unfortunately come across with huge loss within 4 months almost left out with nothing to feed my family.
  • Had a choice to go back to Japan or continue with entrepreneurship, finally decided to go ahead with an entrepreneurship as “ARMAN”( DESIRE ).

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Why Arman ?

Challenges in Hotel, Restaurants for making Paratha

  •   Complicated & Time consuming Process
  •   Skilled Labours are required & Costly
  •   Food Quality Maintaining is difficult
  •   100% utilization of wet dough is difficult

Problems in Households

  •   Time consuming & complicated process
  •   Skills required to prepare layers
  •   Both couples working
  •   Busy Life style