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Find out what makes "Arman Food Tech Private Limited " a trusted name in ready-to-eat cuisine and discover the flavors that define us.


Our Journey

Since 2019

It all started in the year 2019 where we began our journey as small scale manufacturer in the silicon city Bengaluru. Our company founder Ibrahim Mustafa once went to the hotel to have food but, he struggled to eat unhealthy food on that to by paying a good price & even he also observed the same struggle in the people. So he wanted to do something then, our founder joined hands with his cousins. Afterwards, we all joined as a team & started our humble journey. We mainly wanted to reduce the hunger of people by providing fresh ready to cook food & other products at affordable price.

In this fast generation everyone are busy with there work & all are forgot the good taste & benefit of food because of the inferiority food which is getting outside. For that we wanted to provide fresh, high quality , less time consumable cook food products by preserving the tradition of Indian cooking for the reason is that, food is the biggest part in our culture. We took a step forward in a small store with a lot of big dreams.

Now, we are serving our fresh food products across the country & it is growing tremendously under the brand name Arman. Our motto of goal is to provide high quality product which feels fresh & home made always for everyone.

Our team took a great pride in work, baking & packing our food with love & care. While the food was sold fresh on the same day when it was made. However, from this the business is gaining a steady lead in the local market & across the country but there is an inevitable need to expand beyond Indian shores.

our business was nevertheless limited to the geographical location therefore we were knowing that it was difficult to preserve the food fresh in the terrible climate but it was not the stoppage for us since we have come up with the solution of cold storage. And, now we are stepping out from India to reduce the hunger across the world. We are not bordered our self for only ready made food. We also serving in the field of dry fruits and even in machinery industry now.

Mission Statement

"To empower busy individuals and families with convenient and nutritious meal solutions by producing high-quality, ready-to-cook products that save time and effort without compromising on taste or health."

Vision Statement

"To be the leading provider of innovative and diverse ready-to-cook products, revolutionizing the way people prepare and enjoy meals, while promoting a healthier lifestyle and reducing food waste worldwide."

Dream Chasers: Meet Arman's Visionary Team!

Welcome to Arman's World of Dream Chasers!

At Arman, we believe in the power of dreams. Our dedicated team is a passionate group of individuals who are committed to turning dreams into reality. Meet the visionaries behind our brand, the Dream Chasers who work tirelessly to make our dreams come true.

Our team members are not just employees; they are dreamers, creators, and innovators. Each one brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the table, contributing to our collective pursuit of excellence. Together, we aim to inspire and empower our customers with products and services that go beyond the ordinary.

Ready to embark on this journey with us? Let's grow together!

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